Tuesday 14 June 2022

Hoisted with Our Own Petard (Updated).


There’s little need for words: Western economic sanctions on Russky gas and oil. Fuel prices go up. Price of everything follows (“Putin’s price hike”). Fed lifts interest rates. RBA follows.

Next … recession?

Wednesday 8 June 2022

Bits and Pieces: The Missing Average and Suppressed Memories.

As I struggle with some newly discovered health problems, my attention tends to drift to different things. These are two.

The Missing Average and the two Australias.

This is a recent temperature anomaly map produced by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, reproduced today by the ABC, with Kate Doyle’s customarily excellent comments:

One part of Australia (the largest one) exceeds it, the other falls short of it, but pretty much nowhere average temperatures for this time of the year are found. The thick black line shows the border between the two (the exception is the corridor along both sides of the borderline).