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(Latest update: 04-12-2015)

From today (Thursday August 9, 2012) on and for everybody's security, I decided that comments will be moderated.

I had to take this step due to the repeated posting of messages, presumably spam, containing suspicious links.

I encourage debate. You are free to post your opinions, even if they differ from mine. Provided you keep a minimum of civility, they should appear as soon as possible.

This is not supposed to be a scholarly blog, and I am no scholar; but thoughtful reasoning is welcome. Obstinate ignorance, disingenuity, and general arseholism will get your comments deleted.

Racism and abuse will not be tolerated. And as this is my blog, my word is law and final.

You can comment as an Anonymous user. In this case, you don't need to supply your email, log into Blogger or anything really; but  any identification, even if only a pseudonym inserted at the bottom of your text, as a courtesy, will be appreciated.

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