Thursday 30 September 2021

Environmentally Conscious Workers’ Mail.

Credit: ACTU

I’ve just donated to the ACTU’s Secure Jobs campaign – can you join me?

Big business is profiting big-time by making jobs less secure – and workers are paying the costs. And the Morrison Government is actively scheming with corporate lobbyists to remove more job security, reduce pay, and undermine work conditions.

With the next Federal Election looming, we’re campaigning to make sure insecure work is a problem that no voter or party can ignore.

Please consider a donation to the ACTU today to help reach more voters. We can make a difference together!

Sunday 26 September 2021

Bits and Pieces: The Big Apple.

It’s often said that “if you can make it there, you’re gonna make it anywhere” and Scotty from Marketing is virtually there, baby, New York City. And he is trying to make it there, but equivocating here.

Often forgotten, however, is that old advice – “fake it, till you make it”. That seems to have worked a treat for Scotty when dealing with Nancy Pelosi, the US House Speaker. The 81-yo Pelosi, impressed by his “meeting and beating” climate targets bullshit, said that Australia is “leading the way” on climate change action.


That’s how Australia will save the world, Nancy: leading from the rear.

Friday 17 September 2021

Australia’s Back-Stabbing Diplomacy. (2)

Or how a bunch of irresponsible, ignorant, double-dealing simpletons with delusions of grandeur screwed things up big time.


Just yesterday the French ambassador made it clear that the Morrison gang had kept him in the dark about the whole submarine deal.


As I write this Jason Falinski, a rookie COALition MP and member of the less lunatic COALition faction, is on the Weekend Breakfast show, with Fauziah Ibrahim and Kirsten Aiken.

Thursday 16 September 2021

Australia’s Back-Stabbing Diplomacy. (Updated)


“It’s really a stab in the back. We had built
a relationship of trust with Australia, this
trust is betrayed”, Jean-Yves Le Drian,
Minister for Foreign Affairs.

Scotty from Marketing announced yesterday as a fait accompli that he decided to breach the $90 billion contract signed with France’s Naval Group for the construction of 12 conventional submarines and instead purchase an unspecified number of nuclear subs from an as yet unspecified Anglo-American consortium, at an equally as yet unspecified cost … to be delivered God only knows when (because the bloody delivery dates are, you guessed, unspecified: this just keeps getting better and better).

And, if you believe Andrew Probyn, in a nominally democratic nation, he and his henchmen and -women may have been cooking up that deal in secret for months, while pretending to be in a partnership with France. You know what double-crossing means, don’t you?

Monday 13 September 2021

In Their Own Words.


“We are not lunatic fringe, we are pretty conservative, deeply thinking people,” said the founder of a Fitzroy North school (Melbourne) where a COVID19 outbreak started.

As of yesterday, the resulting outbreak had already affected 31 persons (including four parents and three school staff), 20 of them children. The school encouraged parents sent their kids to school, apparently against official guidelines. See here.

That is a belief plenty people seems to subscribe to: conservatism = deep thought. It is just a step removed from the “sensible middle-ground” commonplace.

You have to love the self-flattering irony.

Friday 10 September 2021

Be Careful What You Wish For … (Updated)



White, male, old, educated, upwardly mobile, relatively affluent Americans of a progressive, identitarian and Liberal-Leftish persuasion are excited: the racial composition of the American population is changing in a direction they hope will make the Democratic Party politically hegemonic in their country. Propelled by demography, over there the march of progress seems inexorable.

Tuesday 7 September 2021

Wear your War Paint and Fight for Gender Equality!


As a good male identitarian Leftist you are intent on promoting gender equality, breaking stereotypes, combating toxic masculinity. You may – or may not, who knows – read learned journals on that subject, but you certainly read columnists in the left-leaning press promoting third wave feminism; and you certainly watch and agree wholeheartedly and applaud that kind of highly-educated, upper-middle-class feminists’ interventions on TV debate shows and then support them in subsequent Twitter battles to the death.

In other words, as good ally of women, you do your bit for the revolution, but want to do more. And you are searching for other means to contribute.