Friday 10 September 2021

Be Careful What You Wish For … (Updated)



White, male, old, educated, upwardly mobile, relatively affluent Americans of a progressive, identitarian and Liberal-Leftish persuasion are excited: the racial composition of the American population is changing in a direction they hope will make the Democratic Party politically hegemonic in their country. Propelled by demography, over there the march of progress seems inexorable.

Larry Elder [A]

Seriously?! No further comment.


15/09/2021. Apparently, President Biden called Elder “the closest thing to a Trump clone I’ve ever seen”. Is it only me or there is something perversely amusing in this whole situation?

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[A] Larry Elder at an official ceremony, Camp Pendleton. Author: Sgt. Jacob Harrer. Source: WikiMedia. File in the public domain.

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