Tuesday 4 January 2011

You call that a leak? This is a leak!

Have you ever heard the word "plutonomy"?

Neither had I, until I found the "Citigroup Attempts to Disappear its Plutonomy Report" blog.

This is what the fine folks at Real-World Economics Review Blog had to say about it:

    "Both reports were leaked and made available on the WEB. Michael Moore referred to them in 'Capitalism: a Love Story', and the now retired US newscaster Bill Moyers has called attention to them. But they seem to have been largely ignored by scholars. They should be required reading."

And this is what a poster (clearly, not a "loony lefty"), had to say:

    "Remarkable: except for its conclusions it reads like a 'loony left' analysis..."

As a "loony lefty" I've got to say: I couldn't agree more.

PS: You can find the links to the reports in the link above, or in the one below:
"New links for secret Citigroup Plutonomy Reports"

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