Wednesday 16 March 2011

"This is What Democracy Looks Like"

Three days ago Paul Krugman was asking:
"The big question about Wisconsin has been whether the controversy would just fade away, or whether it would serve as a rallying cry for an extended period. If yesterday’s crowds were any indication, this is a long way from over."
Krugman was referring to protests and public demonstrations held in Madison, on the 12-03-2011 and included the photo below in his post:

"Michael Sears. Protesters flood the streets of Madison around the Capitol to welcome the 14 Democratic senators and protest the passage of the budget-repair bill".
Source: Journal Sentinel Online.

According to Crooked Timber, 85,000 people were there at its peak.

One of the speakers that day was Tony Schultz, farmer from Athens, Wisconsin (a small town with a population of less than 2,000 people).

Mr. Schultz spoke the words that inspired this post and serve as its headline (more of his speech in the following video on YouTube):

The real American people are waking up, Koch, Walker and co.

They are pissed off, they are getting themselves organized and they are ready to strike back. And they will hit the only thing sacred to you, your only love and loyalty: your pockets.

This is how Wisconsin firefighters did it this time:
"Union leader tells crowd of protesters that M&I [my comment: Marshall & Isley Bank] executives donated significant funds to Scott Walker’s gubernatorial campaign. Union firemen responded by withdrawing $192,000, before M&I shut  down to prevent a run on the bank."

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