Wednesday 11 April 2012

Moving to Oz? (II)

By one of those coincidences, today I learned of a current research project, commissioned by the Fair Work Ombudsman to the University of Adelaide, on the subject of unpaid work experiences or "internships", as they have become known recently.

Readers might remember that I wrote about them a few days ago, in the context of graduate skilled migrants looking for work in Australia. (See here

According to Prof. Andrew Stewart (who together with Prof. Rosemary Owens is conducting the study) unpaid internships are becoming widespread among young graduates and workers in general and that some of these "internships" might have run into years:
"Anecdotal evidence suggests that a growing number of workers are offering, or being asked, to do unpaid internships or work experience. We need to get some idea of how big this particular iceberg is". (See here)
This should make it harder for graduate/experienced skilled migrant workers to find not just a permanent job, but now even one of these unpaid internships.


In a related matter, an interesting note was published a few weeks ago by Fairfax Media/SMH and describes the local version of the "precariat" (familiar to Spanish readers as "precariado"), about which I wrote here.

Those are not good developments.

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