Thursday 10 May 2012

Highway to Hell

So that I'm not accused of being pessimistically biased, I'll say it proud and loud: I like Tony Abbott's budget reply speech. Cross my heart and wish to die.

The AUD 50 bn cuts he promised once he's elected is just what the economy needs and his program to teach 40% of Aussie kids a foreign language (presumably Asian) is spot on, pure genius: after Abbott inflicts the proverbial death by a thousand cuts to the  already wounded and weakened Oz, these kids can at least scape the sinking boat and migrate to Asia, just as Latin Americans, Southern Europeans and Irish try desperately to make it to Australia!


For some strange reason I was reminded of  that iconic Aussie band AC/DC:

And we're goin' down, all the way, woah
On the highway to hell.

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