Saturday 30 June 2012

Big-New-Tax Day!


Oh crap! Today's Big-New-Tax Day! We're, like, so fucked.

Don't believe me? Ask opposition leader Tony Abbott:
" 'From tomorrow [i.e. today!], every problem we face will get worse under the carbon tax,' he said." (See here)
A teeny weeny tiny exaggeration said (as opposed to "carefully prepared, scripted") in the "heat of the debate", as Tony said last year?

"But... but... but... but...", readers might object, "... again Kerry..., that wasn't necessarily Gospel Truth".

Or, for the whole, unedited, less funky and flattering, TV segment, see the YouTube video.

(Incidentally, you've gotta love Kerry O'Brien's facial expression in the video above, after the "Gospel Truth" quote).

Image Credits:
[A] Operation Upshot-Knothole nuclear test. Wikipedia

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