Tuesday 14 August 2012

TINA? Yeah, Right.

Richard D. Wolff:
"Over the last six, eight months, I've noticed something. Am I still called to provide criticisms of capitalism? Yes. But something new has happened – call it the maturation of the critical movement here in the United States and the rest of the world. It's no longer enough. They want to know, OK, you're right, capitalism sucks -- for many of them that's a big step, I don't want to in any way minimize it. But they're saying to me, OK, we've read your stuff, now give us an alternative." (See here)
One word: Mondragón. This is its Wikipedia entry and this is Mondragón, in its own words.


This is when right-whingers among my readers would say: "Bah! Nonsense. There is no alternative. Only naked self-interest can make a firm productive: greed is good".

Well, tell that to the BBC:
"Basque co-operative Mondragon defies Spain slump"

A manager would ask about now: "Why would anyone oppose this, if it is so good?"

A partial answer: "Interestingly, the pay of bosses working at Mondragon is capped at six times that of the average worker."


There is no alternative? My ass.


Wolff's website Democracy at Work.

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