Wednesday 3 October 2012

Shame in Spain.

I didn't know this had happened. Today I learned of the scenes of savagery in Madrid last September, 27.

The video shows the brutal and criminal behaviour of Rajoy's uniformed thugs attacking the until then peaceful indignados, and turning the traditionally orderly manifestations into a battle.

It also shows Alberto Casillas, the coffee-shop owner, giving them sanctuary in his coffee shop, placing himself between the indignados and the police.

Not happy with the chaos they generated, once the indignados retreated, the police invade the train station, to arrest commuters indiscriminately.

PolicĂ­as canallas, traidores, miserables y cobardes. Sois mierda.

10-10-2012. That's not the video I originally linked to. For some reason, the original video was removed by its YouTube poster (!?). Whatever.

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