Friday 18 January 2013

Sydney: 45.85 Degrees Celsius.

Bushfire in NSW.[A]

I'll de honest with the readers: I don't know much about weather. Actually, I know nothing about weather. That's why I abstain from writing about it.

Yes, I know, lots of scientists say the weather is changing and it's due to human action.

Yes, I am aware that some disagree with that. It's the sun, or something, they say.

While I see no a priori reason to doubt the human-induced climate change scientists (what do they have to gain by lying? nothing that I can see), I notice that among those in disagreement there's a number of "opinion whores": people who "firmly believe" in whatever they are paid to believe firmly.

But, other than that, there is little else I can feel personally confident to say.

However, while a total ignoramus on all matters weather, I know something: I know how to read a thermometer and my thermometer told me yesterday was fucking hot in Sydney, hotter than ever in my experience. In fact, between about 6:00 am, when I first saw the thermometer, and about 3:00 pm, the temperature rose to near 46 degrees Celsius, some 25 degrees higher than early in the morning.

I don't care how one might spin that. That's not normal: too many "abnormalities" in a row, for my taste.

I don't know about the reader, but if I have to believe someone as a matter of faith, I would never chose an "opinion whore".

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Image Credit:
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