Saturday 9 February 2013

Burn it Down.

"His trust was with th' Eternal to be deemed
Equal in strength, and rather than be less
Cared not to be at all; with that care lost
Went all his fear: of God, or Hell, or worse"

Mike Shinoda and Rick Rubin produced Burn it Down, lead single from Living Things. Shinoda on the meaning of that song:
"You know, to be honest, we get the songs to a certain point, and once we put out our record, it's up to the fans to decide how the song gets finished. In other words, we lead you to a certain point in the road and we say, 'Okay, the rest of it is your call. You bring your own interpretation to the song'."
To me, it tells an epic and tragic tale. But that's me.

Not much more to say, really. In my opinion, by far the single best video of 2012:

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