Tuesday 16 April 2013

Australia: Kill the Poor

According to most forecasts, the Liberal/National Coalition ("conservative, centre-right and libertarian"), represented by the blue line in the chart below, is set to win by a landslide the next federal election, scheduled for September this year:

(source: Macrobusiness)

Menzies House, "Australia's leading community for conservative, centre-right and libertarian thinkers", came up with the final solution to Australia's poverty and fiscal deficit problems: "kill the poor".

"A modest cull would strike at the root of our fiscal dilemma. If the least productive 20% of citizens were decommissioned it would directly release a recurrent AUD25bn, which would almost cover overspending by the Gillard Government between now and September 14th".
The author of the note, Toby Ralph, identified additional gains: creation of innovative industries, new jobs in processing camps, faster traffic, homeless shelters could be used as gastro pubs, cafes and wine bars.

Additional increases in the culling thresholds would bring further benefits: a 30% "cull" would turn Australia into the "new tiger of Asia" and bring shorter hospital waiting lists; "expunging" the lower 50% of Australians, would turn Australia into "the Switzerland of the South", reduce income tax rates to 13%, and promote Australia to "regional financial centre".

Ralph identified those targeted for elimination. In general, anyone unable to produce a AUD100 bill upon command; that is: windscreen cleaners, pavement artists, beggars, homeless, students, single mums, social workers, performance artists, Greenpeace supporters, and what remains of manufacturing workers.

Lower order drug dealers, according to Ralph, would also be exterminated. Higher order drug dealers, however, are not mentioned; presumably their higher income would gain them acceptance in the Switzerland of the South.

According to Heath Aston (SMH political reporter), when asked by Fairfax Media, Ralph and Tim Andrews (of Menzies House) qualified the note as humorous.

I am not sure if they mean they would drop the open Zyklon B cans while laughing their asses off.


Senator Cory Bernardi (Liberal/National Coalition), founder of Menzies House, has been personally involved in controversies. In October 2012 he notoriously linked gay marriage to bestiality and more recently he was a leading supporter of Dutch extreme right winger Geert Wilders, in his visit to Australia.

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  1. Hi, I am from Melbourne.
    Yes the kind of "religion" that Bernadi and the Menzies outfit promotes is an "advanced" form of psychosis and fits completely within what is described and pictured at these references.
    www.logosjournal.com/hammer_kellner great Marxist analysis of an unspeakably vile sado-masochistic snuff/splatter film
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