Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Ingo Stützle: Keynesianism is not Necessarily Leftist

Source: marxismocritico.com

"The class war will find me on the side of the educated bourgeoisie" (J.M. Keynes, "The end of laissez-faire").

Ingo Stützle (political scientist and Fellow at the Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Germany) interviewed on austerity as a political project: link.

You may disagree with some or even with many things in Stützle's article. I do. For example, I find his evaluation of Keynesian policies is unfair: you cannot say something failed, when it was hardly applied.

Be that as it may; here he hit the nail squarely:
"It [i.e. Keynesianism] is not necessarily leftist, since Keynesian policies do not aim at transcending capitalist forms. A good life is only possible when capitalism has become a chapter in history books."
Ignore that warning at your own peril.
"For another thing, Keynesian policies aren’t able to assert themselves because they appear to be more reasonable – that’s a bourgeois conception of social change. Which policies are able to finally assert themselves is the result of economic conditions, but also of social struggles."


Sadly, J.M. "Pozzo" kicked the bucket long ago. I'd have loved finding him in a trench of the class war.

11-01-2016. Edited the last bit, to make it more explicit.

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