Monday, 19 February 2018

So, How is the World Ruled?

Well, judge by yourself.

Sep. 28, 2017.

Billionaire Donald Trump promises to cut his own taxes:


Dec. 21, 2017.

Not to be outdone, Australian Treasurer announces corporate tax cuts to the richest Australian companies:


Last Wednesday Feb. 14, Emma Alberici, ABC chief economics correspondent, pens this article:


Go ahead, click the link. Let me guess: it didn't work, did it? :-)

Never mind. The smiling guy in the photo is Alan Joyce, Qantas CEO. Even before the Morrison announcement, he had plenty reasons to smile, wrote Alberici: his company has paid no taxes (no taxes as in nada, nothing, zilch, zero) in 10 years, as they cut wages to their staff, but give him pay rises willy-nilly. Alberici thinks the tax cuts won’t bring any real benefits to the nation: “Tax rates don't matter if you're not paying tax”.

The same day, Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull (reputedly Australia’s richest politician and a former Goldman Sachs partner) has a tantrum during question time:


Later Turnbull and his minions complain to Alberici’s employer about her article.

The ABC, a property of the Australian State, dependent on federal funding which Morrison allocates through the federal budget, denies they removed the article because some CEOs of the wealthiest corporations operating in Australia and the richest Australian politician were not happy with it. The ABC managing director, Michelle Guthrie, is a former high flying corporate lawyer.

Lefty columnists wrote in support of Alberici. Unlike her article, theirs remained online: their employers do not depend on federal funding.


But you can still read Alberici’s article here (do read it, if for no other reason, to make Turnbull mad).

So, how is the world ruled? By vested interests or through an honest contest of ideas?

Australian Unions complement Alberici's report (go there):


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