Thursday 24 January 2019

Australian Extreme Heatwave: this is Now …

The weather news in the last few days before Australia Day:



New Records:

South Australia, 
January 2019
Town         Temperature
Adelaide          46.6ºC
Ceduna            48.6ºC
Leigh Creek       46.9ºC
Minlaton          45.7ºC
Port Augusta      49.5ºC
Port Pirie        47.8ºC
Whyalla           48.5ºC

Remember those records. Tomorrow you’ll see why.

As South Australia and Victoria face an extreme heatwave, electricity usage threatens to overwhelm the distribution network. To prevent shortages, temporary power generators were switched on for the first time since their installation last year. They are diesel-powered.





So far and in general, temperatures around Sydney have been more moderate; NSW has been mercifully spared bushfires. Not so Victoria and Tasmania.


But let’s close with a note Nationals leader Michael McCormack, that most brilliant character, may enjoy in this election year: one can sun-bake peanut cookies in that heat, as a couple from the Adelaide Hills did (scroll down here). You just leave a tray with the mix in a metallic box under the sunlight.

Just make sure you don’t leave your kids or pets inside your car, nor let them play in the playground.

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