Friday 20 September 2019

The Ageing Commie is Proud (Updated)

I took some photos in my mobile, but these are much better:



I could hardly believe it, but that’s how things really looked like. The crowd in Sydney was really that big. Indeed, those photos don’t show how the crowd spilt over Hospital Rd to the west and Art Gallery Rd to the east and the flags of the CFMEU, ETU, MUA, ASU, United Voice, PSA, plus the nurses’, teachers’ and firefighters’ unions, and those workers who came individually but carrying banners or placards of their own unions. Young and old, white and non-white, male and female, locals and from the Pacific islands.

The Greens (and a few members of Socialist Alliance) were the only representatives of parties I could see. Labor disappointed, as usual: at least in Sydney they sent no representation whatsoever.

I’ve always blamed the likes of Tony Albanese and Joel Fitzgibbon for Labor’s failings. It was their careerism and lack of principles (their “bitch and fold” strategy, say) and, above all, their short-sightedness -- I used to believe -- that explained why Labor was hopeless. Today I realised I probably was being unfair to them. I can’t single them out for that. Tanya Plibersek, local MP for Sydney, wasn’t there. People marched along Macquarie Street, in front of the NSW State Parliament, and not a single Labor State MP deigned to show their faces.

In the meantime, Scott Morrison is in the US basking in the glory of his “friendship” with the pussy-grabber in chief. I don’t know what is more repulsive, the pleasure vermin like Morrison derive from brown-nosing the powerful or the pleasure they derive from bullying the powerless.

21/09/2019. The SS4C website presents photos and videos of the rallies with estimates of the numbers of attendants and informs of further developments.

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