Friday 4 October 2019

The Devil From Down Under (Updated).

We’ve all witnessed the Donald Trump/Scott Morrison bromance blooming. The mutual flattering (“Man of Titanium”  remark included), the hands held, the giggles; Morrison’s Trumpesque snubbing of the UN Climate Change Summit and his adopting of the equally Trumpian “fake news” and anti-globalist rhetoric.


It turns out that there was a string attached to that love affair: The Donald expects ScoMo to “investigate” Alexander Downer’s role in the beginning of the Mueller inquiry.­

As is well-known by now Alexander Downer, former Howard (Bush II’s “Man of Steel”) reign Liberal grandee and Aussie ambassador to the Court of St. James, reported a conversation he allegedly had in May 2016 with disgraced Trump supporter George Papadopoulos, during the election campaign. Papa, in Downer’s narrative, had disclosed that the Russkies had damaging information on Hillary Clinton and were ready to disclose it, in support of the Trump campaign. Papa denied that and accused Downer of being Clinton’s errand boy. In turn, Downer denied that.

The Australian Leftish punditry, almost to the last man and woman, patriotically rallied to Downer’s side and qualified Papa’s accusation as conspiracy theory. Readers are free to choose who they believe: Australia’s very own International Man of Mystery or Papa. Frankly, I couldn’t care less who’s right.

(Curiously, among current and former Liberal A-listers -- that I’m aware -- only Joe Hockey, another living fossil of the Howard era and ambassador to the US, has come out openly in Downer’s defence.)

More important, however, is what is politically expedient to ScoMo’s new Yank friends and what they believe and judging by US Senator Lindsey Graham, Trump’s close ally, they strongly disagree with Hockey.

So, this is the question: will ScoMo (A) serve “Lord” Downer’s head in a silver platter as his new powerful besties seem to expect or will he (B) don his shiny armour in defence of the honour of a Liberal hasbeen? (A) would earn him cookie points with his new buddies but may displease at least some of his old mates (beginning with Downer himself), (B) would have the opposite effect (and The Donald’s affections are notoriously volatile).

The American Dems, evidently, would prefer ScoMo choosing (B) and resent him if he chose (A). The next American presidential elections are scheduled for 2020. Would a President Biden/Warren/Sanders be as friendly to ScoMo?

So, what’s gonna happen? Your guess is as good as mine. I can’t say I’d dislike either result.


Just a parting note. Morrison’s rise to power followed the misfortune of several Liberal politicians. People may remember Malcolm Turnbull’s fall. They may have forgotten Michael Towke’s.

Just sayin’. It could be mere happenstance.

06/10/2019. I added the screen capture to the ABC News article, which I had missed.

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