Monday 13 February 2012

Europa Devouring her Children.

"Saturn Devouring his Son".
Francisco de Goya (between 1819 and 1823) [A]
" 'Traitors! Collaborators! We're Greeks. You're beating up your mothers and your sisters.' " (See here)

This is the true face of capitalism: evil, madness, horror, death and poverty.

"The trouble with historical metaphors is that they can obscure the present: what's really at stake here is not Greece's identity but Europe's. All eyes are fixed on Athens, but the way out of the crisis requires a choice about what kind of Europe we want. The one we have now, with its deep structural inequalities and its rigid adherence to a failed economic ideology, protects neither democracy nor human rights. Stiff-necked and punitive, it prefers to eat its children." (Emphasis added)

Image Credit:
[A] "Saturn Devouring his Son". Francisco de Goya (between 1819 and 1823). Wikipedia.

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