Monday 27 February 2012

Offshoring for Everybody.

An electric household fan [A]
"Countries have always traded with each other to exploit their natural advantages, and in the past it was goods that could be put in a box and shipped. This meant it was generally low-paid and low-skilled jobs in areas such as manufacturing that were lost offshore.
"Not any more." (See here)

A few days ago, a brief TV segment asked passersby their opinion about Apple products being manufactured by Foxconn workers earning less than US$ 2 an hour, under semi-slavery conditions.

Unfortunately, I could not find footage of the segment.

This well-dressed, prosperous looking, young fellow, when asked, replied something to the effect that he found it regrettable, of course, but that's life and the bottom line is that he gets good products at an affordable price.

Let's see if these prices remain affordable much longer after the shit hits the fan, because "it is now architects, accountants, lawyers, web designers, analysts, geologists, engineers and computer programmers - the knowledge workers - whose jobs are at risk".

Image Credit:
[A] An electric household fan. Wikipedia.

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  1. I think not all company owners are up to that trick. I mean there are some offshoring companies that offer a lot than the others. The fact that there are some who use this strategy to abuse the employee’s right is a way to be foul.