Monday, 15 September 2014


"Ever had the feeling that your job might be made up? That the world would keep on turning if you weren't doing that thing you do 9-5?"

A bit over a year ago David Graeber wrote about the phenomenon of bullshit jobs. You remember, don't you? The article about the crappy, boring, soul-destroying, unfulfilling jobs people do, because they have bills to pay, in the process making some rich bastard richer?

(Something like our own jobs, come to think.)

Well, in that piece Graeber had many things right, some very, very wrong. But I won't discuss that.

I'll say this, though. He totally forgot something: the phenomenon of bullshit Mondays!

So, I decided to welcome you to your brand new week, reminding you that today is Monday -- like, yay!! --  with this old Supertramp song:

And, like that great Tasmanian philosopher said: "Don't complain, at least you still have a job".

Have an awesome week!

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