Sunday, 7 September 2014

Vicarious Embarrassment: the Short(en) Lines.

There are things so bloody pathetic that you can't avoid blushing with vicarious embarrassment.

Ever since the IS psychopaths started their terror campaign in Iraq, the local Murdoch-dominated media has done its best to spin the horrific images into a direct and immediate threat to Australia. And by one of those extraordinary coincidences this happens just as the Federal Liberal-National ("centre-right, conservative, libertarian") Coalition so-called Government faces strong and justified criticism for its terrible budget.

A couple of weeks ago, WA senator Sue Lines (Labor) joined the dots:
"And it [i.e. the Federal Government] is looking for opportunities in the media and elsewhere to try and scare the Australian public and to distract everyone from the budget." (see here)
Predictably, Scott Morrison, the Federal Minister for Immigration and Border Protection (Liberal-National Coalition), denied it in his party's customary insulting style:
" 'If she doesn't believe the IS involvement in Iraq and Syria presents a genuine and real threat to Australia then she's a muppet,' he said.
"That's just ridiculous and I think she should be hurled into line by her leader and the debate returned to the adults." 
(see here) 
So far, nothing really extraordinary: an Australian citizen exercising her right to free-speech, being rebuffed by an arrogant Government minister.

What makes this episode remarkable was the immediate reaction of Bill Shorten, "her leader", to Morrison's "order":
"Shorten said he had spoken with Lines about the comments but would not go into details of the conversation.
" 'I and Labor recognise that national security is a matter which goes above day-to-day politics,' he said.
"Other Labor figures also distanced themselves from Lines's comments."
(see here)
Ah. But Australian pundits can't understand why lefty voters are so chronically unhappy with Labor. You need to be a genius to solve that riddle.

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