Monday 13 October 2014

Fight of the Century: Abbott vs Putin.

Last night, Leigh Sales (7.30 Report - ABC, anchorwoman):

"Tony Abbott Promises to 'Shirtfront' Putin at G20 Summit"
"If you can believe what you read, Vladimir Putin has wrestled bears and now Australia's one-time pugilist Prime Minister Tony Abbott is spoiling for a fight when the Russian President comes to town." (here)

For overseas readers, this is what "to shirtfront" means:

On this corner, Tony "Mad Monk" Abbott (56), on the opposite corner, Vladimir "Volodia" Putin (62) in the grudge fight of the century.

And yet, these guys have much in common: both old-school, stridently homophobic men, who enjoy sports and being photographed shirtless, in the splendour of their half-naked manly glory, so that you know that they are macho men (and don't you go getting any wrong ideas).

The Mad Monk has the local boy advantage, used to be an amateur boxer and, as a young man, allegedly scared female students as a hobby; Volodia is a judoka, wrestles bears and had his KGB experience terrorising people and doing all the nice things secret cops do.

Frankly, I don't care who wins: I just want to see a good fight, pulling no punches (actually, pulling nothing: pulling no bites, kicks, eye-gouging...).

It's time for these guys to show what they are made of.

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