Saturday 25 October 2014

Trans-Pacific Partnership by Year's End!

Or What Sorts of Wonderful Presents Santa's Got in Store?

The Guardian (Australia) informed us yesterday:

"Trans-Pacific Partnership taking shape behind closed doors, Andrew Robb says
"Australia’s trade minister says the free trade deal should be concluded by the year’s end"

Andrew J. Robb, the Federal Minister for Trade and Investment (a former economist for the National Farmers' Federation, and later Executive Director of both the National Farmers' Federation and the Cattle Council of Australia), according to ABC News, said "that the Federal Government is trying to achieve a deal which would increase access for Australian agricultural products to markets in the 11 other countries. But it's not just about agriculture".

That, precisely, is what has many people worried:

(see here)

So much secrecy surely means we'll have many pleasant surprises, right?

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