Thursday 20 November 2014

Abbott's Bullshit.

The truth about the Australian fake democracy in one headline and two interviews.

This is the current headline (November 20th, ABC Online):

"Mr Turnbull said the ABC would receive $5.2 billion in funding over that time - a cut of 4.6 per cent.
"He said SBS's operating budget would be reduced by $25.2 million or 1.7 per cent over the same period." (see here)

This was Tony Abbott's promise (September 6th, 2013, SBS):


But, let's face it, this was no surprise. Every single Australian citizen or resident knew Australian politicians in general, and this mob very especially, could not be trusted with the truth.

This was Tony Abbott (7:30 Report, May 18th, 2010):

Yet, against all logic, you voted for them. Indeed, you still want to believe capitalism can be fixed: it's just a matter of putting the "right people" in charge. When the last government fails, you turn to the other party, hoping it will be better or at least less bad.

Now, my fellow countrymen, you earned every little bit of the shit befalling upon you; upon all of us, in fact: unfortunately, we'll all have to pay for your decision.

However, I remain optimistic. This may still prove to be a salutary lesson: you'll eventually learn the truth about capitalist democracy and their politicians, as people like me already learned.

You'll just have to sink deeper in shit. Fear not, these politicians will oblige, be sure of that.

Enjoy the lesson.

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