Wednesday 12 November 2014

Did Abbott and Putin Meeting Live up to 'Shirtfront' Hype?

(see also the full version: here)

In the latest news: A Russian Navy 4-ship squadron in the Coral Sea, south of Bougainville, moving towards Australian waters. The Australian Navy is unconcerned with those events, and that's why they sent a P-3 Orion surveillance plane and a frigate, to monitor the Russian ships.

Apparently, the vessels' mission is to deliver the apologies PM Abbott forcefully demanded. President Putin, it seems, learned to apologize in the John Howard Apologies School.

Without showing any signs of Schadenfreude, the Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull said he is not amused with the 7.30 Report video. For once, senator Cory Bernardi agrees with him.

Incidentally, Australia, it seems, has evidence of the Russian involvement in the downing of the Malaysia Airlines MH17 flight. Challenged by their Russian counterparts to present the evidence, Australian authorities declined: the evidence is a secret, after all.

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