Friday 16 January 2015

Chris Hadfield in Australia

Almost two years ago I posted a link to the video below. I'm repeating the link today.

As it turns out, Chris Hadfield visited Australia in August last year. I learned of that only a few days ago, thanks to an interview he gave to Jane Hutcheon, for ABC News.

Hadfield is an interesting guy. The interview touches several things, including the tragedy of Columbia. He seems a decent, straight-talking fellow.

Another highlight for me was his first-person account of launching day, from getting dressed to the moment they reach weightlessness. Really fascinating stuff. I'm glad he visited Oz and that Hutcheon seized the opportunity (congratulations to her for that). Like I said before, he is the coolest guy in outer space.

Australian residents can check on ABC iView. I'm not sure overseas residents will be delivered the file from iView, but they can get it here.

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