Sunday 25 January 2015

Greece and Australia: Jan 26.

The Greek people voted for Syriza today, January 26 (Australian time). I imagine many "objective" journalists must be having little fits.

But it's too soon to celebrate. So, let's hope Syriza does not follow the same path to "respectability" lefties seem to crave. The respect of the enemies of the people is not a good thing.


Here is Australia Day or Survival Day, depending on your perspective. Little to celebrate.

Wake Up, people! (See here)


26-01-2015. I had forgotten the big issue today. PM Tony Abbott decided to award the Duke of Edinburgh a Knighthood of the Order of Australia. Kinda "promoting" a colonel to sergeant.

This apparently caught all pundits by surprise.

Poppycock. I take Abbott's side on this. Every single Australian knows people like Abbott see society this way: you must suck up to your betters and oppress those below you. The only surprise is that he practices what he preaches.

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