Monday 23 February 2015

Abbott's Security.

Last December, a fruitcake got himself some weapons, went to downtown Sydney, and kidnapped the customers and staff of the Lindt Café. The ensuing police siege lasted for hours and ended in the tragic death of two hostages, plus the gunman.

Today, an increasingly unpopular PM (“conservative, centre-right, libertarian”) announced a series of measures, supposedly to prevent this kind of things from ever happening again and to enhance Australian security. Apparently, the Australian government found a way of preventing people from going bananas and committing crimes. Kind of "Minority Report", I guess.

Among other things, the Government intends to achieve that by tightening citizenship and revoking citizenship to Australians with dual citizenship.

Reactions to English-born Tony Abbott’s announcement came in swiftly. Some of the commentators were Labor’s Bill Shorten, Greens’ Christine Milne, and Julian Burnside QC.

Ironically, the best reaction came from the Liberal Democrat (libertarian) senator David Leyonhjelm:
"I'm just a bit worried that our national security and Tony Abbott's job security are, kind of, linked a little bit too closely."

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