Wednesday 11 February 2015

Good News: Abbott "Shockingly Incompetent"!

According to Joshua Kurlantzick, Asia expert from the free marketeer think tank Council on Foreign Relations, Australian PM ("conservative, centre-right, libertarian") Tony Abbott "has proven shockingly incompetent, which is why other leaders within his ruling coalition, following a set of defeats in state elections, may now scheme to unseat him." (Here)


In Kurlantzick's opinion, Abbott's irredeemable ineptitude can only be compared to that of Argentina’s President, Christina Fernández de Kirchner; Ecuador President, Rafael Correa; North Korea’s Kim Jong-un (!!!) or Russia’s Vladimir Putin. (For some reason, he forgot mentioning Idi Amin)

Double ouch!

The bad news for the Coalition is that Malcolm Turnbull, their main hope, has the habit of chickening out at the last moment (kinda sorta what Abbott did when Putin visited Brisbane last year, here). Fat chance of seeing a "shirtfronting" there.


At the other hand, considering the consequences of a more competently-led Coalition, maybe we should pray Abbott remains in place.

You know you're in trouble when the good news is that an incompetent is ruling the country.

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