Tuesday 31 May 2011

Protests in Barcelona Turn Violent

"Lo mío ha sido como estar en una pastelería y no poder comer ni un trocico de pastel. Tanto hijoputa y ni una colleja he podido dar". Ferran T. F.  (in Facebook, Guardia Urbana agent) (See here, Spanish)

"It's like being in a patisserie and being unable to eat a slice of cake. So many sons of bitches[*] and I couldn't hit anyone". [my translation]

Last Friday 27th of May, the peaceful protests in Plaza de Cataluña, Barcelona, turned violent when police charged against the protesters.

According to some versions, acting by order of the PM José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, or by the authority of Felip Puig, Catalonian autonomic Interior secretary, the provincial Mossos d'Esquadra deliberately started to harass and strike at random protesters, as seen in the videos below

Ferran T.F. (apparently himself not a Mosso, but an agent of the Guardia Urbana, municipal police force) witnessed the incident, describing it as lasting up to six hours, and regretting not being able to take part in it. (See here, Spanish)

As a result, 121 were injured; according to Mr. Puig, 37 police agents included.

Faced with harsh criticism, from Spain and abroad, including the European Council (see here, Spanish), the Catalonian autonomic government decided to launch investigations.  So, who gets chosen for the dubious honor of perpetrating this aggression against a mob of teenagers?

And the winner is...

The thuggish imbecile who publicly boasted about other thugs beating kids, but did not beat anyone himself: Ferran T.F.

Not those in charge, or even the thugs themselves. As the saying goes: el diablo paga mal a quien bien le sirve.


[*] Hijoputa or more properly hijo de puta is a curse phrase that does not strictly translate as son of a bitch, but as son of a whore. But as such expression does not exist in English, I chose the closest available.

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