Friday 27 May 2011

Wisconsin: Walker BRB overturned

From Journal Sentinel (Madison, 26-05-2011): "A Dane County judge Thursday struck down legislation repealing most collective bargaining for public employees, but the measure could still gain new life from the state Supreme Court or a fresh vote by lawmakers." (See here)

Since I last reported here, several events have taken place in Wisconsin: the (contested) re-election of Justice David Prosser to another 10-year term in the Wisconsin Supreme, Court after a strange counting error (see here); and the passing and signing of a voter ID bill requiring voters photo ID as a requisite for voting (see here) seem to be the most important ones (see here).

NSW News
In NSW this week, Premier O'Farrell has given steps towards what promises to be a conflict between unions (particularly state employee unions) and the State Government (see here).

Although all state unions are affected, police, nurses and teachers unions in NSW are affected twice: (1) because the State Government decided to strip the NSW unions of their powers to initiate prosecution of employers on breaches of safety legislation; and (2) the New South Wales Industrial Relations Commission will be stripped of its powers to decide on wage levels for State employees (see here).

However, in a surprising development, the legislation, steamed rolled by the Coalition in the Lower House of the NSW Parliament, was stopped at the Upper House, thanks to the votes of the Shooters and Fishers Party (see here).

I will do my best to keep readers posted on these subjects.

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