Monday 8 August 2011

Caracas, February 27, 1989.

The scenes below, from Al Jazeera in English, were posted in YouTube on 08-08-2011:

These other scenes, although posted in February 2007, are much older. They date from 27-02-1989:

"The Caracazo or Sacudón is the name given to the wave of protests, riots and looting and ensuing massacre that occurred on 27 February 1989 in the Venezuelan capital Caracas and surrounding towns. The riots — the worst in Venezuelan history — resulted in a death toll of anywhere between 275 and 3,000 deaths, mostly at the hands of security forces. The main reason for the protests were the neoliberal, pro-market reforms imposed by the government of Carlos Andrés Pérez." (See here. Emphasis added)

Carlos Andrés Pérez.

The then ruling party lost legitimacy. Two failed coup attempts followed and President Pérez was impeached, after a period of constant political turmoil. Eventually Lt. Col. Hugo Chávez was democratically elected.

It remains to be seen whether this was a happy ending.

Lt. Col. Hugo Chávez.

Let's hope British police have better sense than their Venezuelan counterparts.

Image Credits:

Hugo Chávez. Wikipedia.
Carlos Andrés Pérez. Wikipedia.

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