Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Minitrue News Report.

Oceania achieved a glorious victory against a plusungood terrorist cell in Greece. The self-denominated Enemy Radical Terrorists (or ERT) was sabotaging the expansive fiscal contraction policies recommended by the Troika in its heroic efforts to aid the Greek people.

By disseminating duckspeak, the ERT was responsible for years of economic depression, deliberately targeting the Greek people.

Although it was not possible to contact Big Sister Merkel, who is busily devising ways to enhance the living conditions of her Greek subjects, we are pleased to congratulate her for this historical victory.

A few terrorists still offer some resistance from their secret bunkers. 


Minitrue, Minipax and the Thought Police may be launching similar actions against terrorist organizations in Australia (ABC) and the UK (BBC).


Paul Sheehan (Oceania Minitrue) courageously denounces ungood Edward Snowden, the traitor pursued by Thought Police for crimethought on behalf of Emmanuel Goldstein.


War is peace.
Freedom is slavery.
Ignorance is strength.
Misery is wealth.
Lie is truth.


Survivalism, from Nine Inch Nails' Year Zero album:

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