Saturday, 10 June 2017

This is Why the Left Sucks (ii)

Against all prognostications by the good and wise, Jeremy Corbyn, a 68 year-old ill-dressed, bike-riding, veggie-growing vegetarian, who -- on top -- speaks highly of Karl Marx, not only reversed the Labour Party race to oblivion in the legislative elections, expanding its parliamentary representation by 30 seats (and getting about 40% of the valid votes), but managed to deliver the ever victorious Tories a hung parliament.

Ukip, the allegedly unstoppable nazi/fascist bugaboo, collapsed: poof!

David Hearst reminds us -- illustrating with abundant examples -- how spectacularly wrong the liberal/leftish media were:
"My former colleagues on The Guardian hold an enviable record in the annals of political journalism. They have succeeded in getting the result of every major political event in the country wrong.
"Even if you tried consistently to be wrong, fate would decree that occasionally you would get one result right. Their consistency in getting things so wrong, for so long, challenges the theory of random number generation. The infinite monkey theorem holds that a monkey hitting keys of keyboards at random ad infinitum would eventually type the works of Shakespeare. This is not true. The Guardian never gets a political result right." ("The Guardian Never Gets a Political Result Right. On Corbyn They Got it Really Wrong", June 9)
As delightful as Hearst's indictment of the liberal/leftish media is, it leaves out those with greater responsibility for that chronic fiasco.

Back in 2015, Jeremy Corbyn's nomination as candidate for the Labour Party leadership was seen by his "endorsers" as a kind of a joke, one the jokers soon came to regret, when Corbyn, whom they assumed would lose badly, actually managed to win the internal election:



The "jokers" were publicly berated for that:
"But John McTernan, a former aide to Mr Blair, said the 35 Labour MPs who nominated Mr Corbyn were 'morons'.
"He told the BBC's Newsnight: 'The moronic MPs who nominated Jeremy Corbyn to 'have a debate' need their heads felt. They should be ashamed of themselves. They're morons.
"Challenged over the insult, Mrs [Margaret] Beckett said: 'I am one of them. I have to say at no point did I intend to vote for Jeremy myself nor advise anyone else to do so.'
"Mrs Beckett was 'beginning to wish I hadn't nominated Jeremy Corbyn' and had decided to vote for Mr Burnham to be leader."


In other words, and against Hearst's opinion, those Labour Party monkeys actually managed to type the works of Shakespeare. They did their best to correct their "mistake", too.

It's not just that the liberal/leftish are sellouts and buffoons: on top, they are inept.

But a win, however limited, is still a win. Congratulations to Corbyn and British Labour. It remains to be seen whether their counterparts all over the world -- particularly the American or Australian ones -- learn from that. (For that matter, it remains to be seen whether UK Labour learned from that).

Let's hope.

Matt Bruenig, who's posting again (welcome back, Matt!) is more optimistic than me. He believes "younger political opportunists" may be factoring in their career plans the apparent leftward shift in politics.

I'm not sure that's an unalloyed good thing, particularly after reading Simon Wren-Lewis. Better than nothing, I suppose.


  1. I was pretty excited about what happened and how Corbyn beat so many odds here. The morons like J.K. Rowling who I lost respect for still rag on him for dumb reasons. I mean if he was Prime Minister and pulled some BS, i'd be the first one to call him out on it though.

  2. The morons like J.K. Rowling who I lost respect for still rag on him for dumb reasons.

    This reminds me of a real-life story.

    This little girl (two to three years old) refused to eat her cauliflower (if memory serves, it was an Italian recipe, cauliflower baked with white sauce, parmesan cheese, and garlic; rather nice, actually).

    I asked her why he didn't touch the cauliflower. She said it was because she didn't like it.

    I knew it was bullshit. She had never had that before. So I told her: "This is the first time we have that. How can you not like it?"

    She thought a little and said: "Because, uh, I don't like it anyway".

    That story is kind of funny and even heart-warming: the protagonist was just an adorable little girl.

    Now, change the protagonist to J.K. Rowling. The story becomes a whole lot less funny.

    I don't know her -- evidently -- or even follow her career from afar. I've never read her books. I did enjoy the first two or three Harry Potter movies, mostly because of the kids, who were cute and funny. After that, I lost interest.

    My guess is that people like her know they don't like Corbyn or his ideas. Like the little girl in my story, they may not know why.

    But they don't need to know: they just don't like them anyway.

    Too bad for them, just like the little girl, that some day they may not have a choice: it's either Corbyn and his ideas or going to bed without dinner.