Wednesday 28 February 2018

Anecdotal Evidence.

Another summer is gone, woo-hoo!

This was a strange summer. I don’t think it was nearly as hot as last year’s, but I reckon it was a lot drier. There were some strangely cool spells (rather nice, actually), interspersed with extremely humid (mostly in the early morning) heat waves lasting a week or ten days. But no rains.

And something I really loved: no mozzies! You know how it is: no rains, no mozzies. Sure, there were cockies galore, but mozzies? Nope.

Come to think of it, I saw very few spiders and flies.

But that, of course, is all anecdotal, therefore real scientists pay no attention to it. Or at least, that’s what mainstream economists, who claim to be more scientific than the scientists, would say.


Funnily enough, that’s not what Australian entomologists, who are real scientists, do say. Someone’s gotta be right. What do you reckon?

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