Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Weather Alert.

Sarah Ferguson presented and Michael Brissenden reported "Weather Alert" for Four Corners, by ABC Channel 21, last Monday.

The political arguments over climate change have gone on for years, frustrating progress at every level.
Now, faced with the intransigence of the political system, a growing number of Australians are taking matters into their own hands. For them, climate change is no longer theoretical. It's here, now.
In tonight's story Michael Brissenden travels through the country meeting people who are changing their practices to cope with the new weather patterns. For all of them, farmers, wine makers, fruit growers, doctors and emergency service workers, adapting to climate change has become a necessity.
And corporate Australia has been warned that companies who do not adapt could be liable for the consequences.
There are no politicians in tonight's story … Only people who've seen, from their own experience, that the change to our climate is under way.
That's how things are under capitalist liberal democracy: the problems are there, they are evident to everybody who bothers to pay attention. And, yet, nothing ever gets done. But it's simplistic to blame politicians, as Brissenden does: it's not the players, but the game we play that sucks.

The game is called "capitalism".

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