Monday, 25 June 2018

Turnbull Cuts his Own Taxes.

Malcolm Turnbull got his taxes cut. This is what he'll get (hint: check the bottom right) and what we'll get (the top few rows):


"Who gives a rat's how much Malcolm Turnbull is worth?" LNP backbencher Scott Buchholz reportedly asked.

I fucking give a rat's ass, Buchholz, and so should you, because I'm a voter and without my vote you lose your job. Got it? Or should I draw a picture?

Now our self-serving representatives in Parliament only need to approve the tax cuts for their corporate masters. That's the only class warfare being waged in this country. It's them who wage it and they are winning. That's their politics of shameless, unapologetic greed and on top that mob have the gall of speaking of politics of envy. Give me a fucking break.

And the icing on the cake is the attitude of Anthony Albanese. Frankly, I just want to hear what the Australian Greens, that pathetic travesty of a Left party, has to say about this farce. Let me guess. That's what they'll say: they are compassionate.

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