Tuesday, 16 October 2018

Two More Optimistic Scenarios and Breaking News.

To counter wild allegations that I am an incurable pessimist, I’ll leave readers with the most optimistic scenario I could find for how this slow-motion train wreck of climate change is going to develop.

Note that that possible future is only 2040 (when I hope to becomfortably dead), not the 2050s. Things will have changed by then, but that scenario won’t be as bad as I imagined, at least for a while. One thing won’t have changed though: The political debate around climate change.




And speaking of enjoyment: Alex Turnbull, Malcolm’s boy, is urging voters to vote anything but Liberal in the upcoming Wentworth by-election (I am qualifiedly optimistic that a defeat there would mean the Coalition loses his Lower House 1-seat majority: bye-bye Coalition government is a likely scenario). Alex is really pissed off at those who unceremoniously dumped his old man.

Seriously, though, the kid has a point. The Coalition is veering more and more towards the fashi right.

ScoMo wasn’t too happy with Turnbull Jr., but managed to maintain some composure. (I think he’s only rude and ill-tempered with ABC TV female interviewers.) It’s anyone’s guess how long it will take until someone uses the C-word with Alex, You see, that’s the favourite Coalition insult: Communist (not the word you thought, or … the other even more insulting one coalition!).



Our beloved PM announced his ministry’s intention to consider moving the Australian Embassy in Israel, from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Apparently we are not supposed to see in ScoMo’s surprising announcement, which reverses decades of bi-partisan policy towards the Middle East, his and his party’s despair on the likely defeat in the approaching Wentworth by-election.

It’s important to note that the Wentworth electorate is representative of the Australian upper-middle class (source). That explains why it was until now a safe Liberal seat, even though open to social and cultural issues, but moving towards the right in economic policy.

Income-wise, the median weekly personal income for Wentworth is $1,242 versus $662 for Australia. In the matter of professions, Wentworth almost doubles the proportion of university professionals (40.7% versus 22.2% for Australia), and the proportion of managers (20.8% versus Australia’s 13.0%).

It’s also educated: 46.8% of Wentworth inhabitants has education above bachelor degree, versus the 22.0% figure for Australia. Wentworth more than doubles Australian educational achievement.

But with this particular announcement ScoMo is playing identity politics. As it turns out, Wentworth is home to one fifth of the Australian Jewish community (91,022): 18,214 souls. 12.5% of its residents are Jewish, versus 0.4% in Australia.

The Liberal candidate, David Sharma, apparently was Australian ambassador before the court of the Messiah, Bibi I. It seems the idea was his. I haven’t heard Former Foreign minister Julie Bishop say a word about this announcement, which the Turnbull ministry had opposed.

Let’s see if this elite population is immune to shameless demagoguery.

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