Thursday 11 April 2019

Australian Workers? Present!

The ACTU #ChangeTheRules Melbourne rally yesterday was, by all accounts, a success. Estimates put the crowd at tens of thousands, maybe over one hundred thousand, attendants. We are talking about workers from a number of unions, white and non-white, whether born in Australia or overseas, presumably of all religions and identities. Kids from the School Strike 4 Climate, I believe, were also present, together with vegans from the Monday protest.


From SBS:

Union protests: Thousands of workers rally for wage increases in Melbourne
Unions are claiming the federal government has overseen the largest decline in living standards in 30 years, with rallies organised in 14 centres across the nation.
By Maani Truu. Updated 1 day ago
ACTU president, Michele O'Neil, was present. Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, federal MPs Andrew Giles, Ged Kearney, Kate Thwaites and Adam Bandt also made appearances.


I want to see red flags in those marches.


Apparently, ScoMo tired of using taxpayers’ money to pay for the COALition propaganda and decided to call the federal election for May 18. Either that or he and his team ran out of last-minute “favours” for Adani and other big fish.

At any event, this is how he opened his official, paid-for with his donors’ money (as opposed to paid-for with the Government’s money) campaign,


Of course we trust you, ScoMo. I mean, who wouldn’t?



Email from Sally McManus

It’s on. The Federal election has just been called for Saturday 18 May.

Are you ready to restore the fair go?

Here are four things we need you to do:

1. Sign up for tonight's Emergency Tele Townhall.
2. Be part of the National Door Knock this weekend.
3. Donate to get our ads on television and radio.
4. Check that you, your family and friends are able to vote this Federal election. You must be on the roll by 18 April, or you don’t get a vote.

Working people are ready to Change The Rules and Change the Government.

We can win more secure work and higher pay.

But only if you are a part of it. Let’s go!

Sally McManus
ACTU Secretary

Featured union:

United Voice


Sorry, David Llewellyn-Smith, they are family. If they want to march with us, they are more than welcome.

You don't need to come, though.

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