Friday 3 May 2019

Bits and Pieces: Aussie Elections.


A perennial whinge of liberal/Leftish middle-class intellectuals, at least in rich English-speaking countries, is the torpitude and turpitude of their local “(white) working class”. Because of its innate intellectual and moral weakness, the “(white) working class” must of necessity subordinate itself to a higher authority. Luckily, that authority is precisely the one those esteemed intellectuals are selflessly willing to provide.

The problem is that the same weaknesses, almost genetically inherent, make the “(white) working class” singularly vulnerable to fake news and dog-whistling, leading them astray from their betters’ infallibly wise guidance (which the latter, by the way, demonstrate through the use of ungrammatical parentheses). It’s that recalcitrant attitude of the “(white) working class” that, in turn, justifies their punishment by their intellectual and moral middle-class leaders.

So, will the “(white) working class” never learn to distinguish fake news? Why are they, uniquely among all other demographics, susceptible to dogwhistling? Will they ever tire of demanding to stop the boats?

Related readings: one and two (Gichuhi was elected, incidentally).


Is Tony Abbott turning into a beautiful and unique snowflake?

I would like to know how Australian parties choose their candidates. Does one need to be the most awful, odious, worst possible choice (or just fat, repulsive, least self-aware), to be selected as candidate?


Is it just me, or is Donald Trump’s Mexico Border Wall strangely reminiscent of Israel’s Gaza Wall?

But, no. It can’t be. One is the project of a racist and xenophobic demagogue. The other comes from an honest, humane, respectful of human rights, democratic statesman (besties with “Space Invader” Morrison and The Donald) beyond reproach and may fire and brimstone befall on anyone saying otherwise.


Australia’s voting system is complicated. Overseas readers may find these links curious: one and two. Australian readers may find them educative. Either way, enjoy.



This is not about Oz, but about MMT.

To be honest, I have mixed feelings about MMT. On the one hand, unlike many other Marxists, I think there’s something to the theory. On the other hand, as a Marxist, is not without shame that I must admit I’m somewhat amused when other folks start to experience some of the absurd crap Marxists have experienced.

And on the third hand, holy shit, this is just crazy. There must be something in English-speaking politicians making them prone to madness and oblivious to ridicule:
116th Congress, 1st Session Resolution:
Recognizing the duty of the Senate to condemn Modern Monetary Theory and recognizing that the implementation of Modern Monetary Theory would lead to higher deficits and higher inflation.
John T. Harvey reports for Forbes.

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