Tuesday 10 March 2020

Naming and Shaming the Trolls.

Be honest, you always wanted to know what kind of poisonous creature would write something like this:
“She [Greta Thunberg, that is] should be burnt at the stake!”
Comments like that (not the worst, btw) followed Greta Thunberg and the Climate Kids during her late February visit to Bristol.

Well, BristolLive exhibits a small bestiary, with names and photos:



So, now that you know how they look like, let me tell you: I look much like them. Around the same age most of them are; the same ordinary face and physique, the same cheap clothes, pretty much the same tastes. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised they had mates -- maybe even relatives -- like me.

But, make no mistake, I’m a proud commie. I don’t side with cowards. They aren’t my friends.

I also speak their language. So, addressing you, filthy pieces of Pommy shit: don’t try bullying those kids in my presence … or in the presence of those like me.

My message to ethnic minority trolls: tolerance and respect is a two-way street. You like bigotry? I can give you bigotry. You like bullying? I can give you bullying. Most of us would rather not follow you -- I am talking to you, personally, as an individual -- to the sewer you inhabit, but don’t push us, for your collective situation is perhaps even more precarious than ours. You know what they say about glass houses and stones, don’t you?

And, if I were you, I wouldn’t put much faith in the solidarity of your new-found white comrades in trolling. You could be surprised how quickly they turn on you.


Considering that (1) these men may have their own families, including children, and that (2) they seem to have a disturbing proclivity for misogynistic violence, particularly addressed to young women, so far expressed only verbally (one hopes), perhaps Bristol police should pay them and their families a courtesy visit. You know, just to make sure that verbal violence does not indeed have a more immediate physical expression.


Will Australian media follow the example BristolLive set? I’m looking at you, ABC, SBS, Guardian Australia, Sydney Morning Herald/The Age, The New Daily.

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