Tuesday 23 March 2021

Only in Australia.

This says it all


Phillip Coorey’s scoop. Another victory for the sisterhood! Yay!


Today in his presser, Scotty from Marketing was all teary-eyed, his voice breaking as he spoke of his family. Nobody seemed to believe him much -- with good reason, I’d say. Women protested safely, vented their anger. It was a cathartic exercise. They were heard, so now we can go back to business as usual. No need to take any action. Liberal democracy at its best.


With the meritorious exception of Samantha Maiden, skepticism is nowhere to be found about this. Nobody here remembers the Karen meme anymore.I’m looking at you, ABC commentators (Insiders and 7.30 alike) and Labor pollies.

What’s with COALition pollies getting all emotional lately in front of the cameras?

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