Thursday 24 February 2022

Operation Iraqui Freedom version 2.



Two versions of the Operation Iraqui Freedom: obliteration of a country on false pretences. At the time, the bien pensant in the rich nations almost to the last man defended one version – ours. Now, the same rabble of sanctimonious pseudo-intellectual prostitutes condemn the other version – the other guy’s – also almost to the last man.



Federal Minister for Trade Dan Tehan (Sep. 22nd, 2021):

In 1857, 42 years after the end of the Napoleonic Wars that had witnessed most of Europe in conflict and claimed an estimated five million lives, the British MP Richard Cobden made an observation that has more than stood the test of time.
He said: free trade is God's diplomacy–the only certain way of uniting people in the bonds of peace, since the more freely goods cross borders, the less likely it is that troops will ever cross borders.
Free trade drives economic growth, improves living standards and creates the conditions for peaceful co-existence.
Trade also develops co-operation, builds trust and encourages respect between trading partners.
Given its importance, it is hard to separate our economic interests from our security interests.
Tehan’s boss, just this morning:
At a time when Australia, together with the United Kingdom, together with the United States and Europe and Japan, are acting to cut off Russia, the Chinese government are following through on easing trade restrictions with Russia. That is simply unacceptable.



If you believe that louse, he is a staunch defender of Israel, who has many friends in Labor, as well. His colleagues (many of whom are at the very legal fringe of the extreme Right) have accused opponents of anti-semitism. Perhaps because of that, one may guess, he is willing to overlook Israeli violations of the human rights of Palestinians.

And yet, on December 16th, 130 nations voted in favour of UN Resolution A/76/460 DR 1 (titled “Combating Glorification of Nazism, Neo-Nazism and other Practices that Contribute to Fueling Contemporary Forms of Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance”). Neither the US, nor Australia were among them.


Only two nations voted against it: the US was one. The other was … the Ukraine. US representatives claimed they voted against because the resolution was questionable: it had sinister, hidden motives – after all Russia proposed it.

One hundred and thirty nations, Israel included, voted in favour of that resolution. Apparently, representatives of those nations did not see anything questionable in it.

More interesting, however, were the abstentions. Forty nine nations abstained. It’s not too surprising that Hungary and Poland abstained (their European neighbours see their extreme Right governments with unease). However, those same neighbours had no problem with abstaining themselves almost unanimously. European uneasiness with the extreme Right (with the exception of Russia, Belarus and Bosnia-Herzegovina, that voted for), does not go so far as to make them support an anti-Nazi resolution.

Outside of Europe the situation was the opposite: no poor country abstained; in fact every single poor nation in the world voted for the resolution, included every Muslim nation (often maligned as anti-semitic). The non-European abstentions were Japan, South Korea, Canada, New Zealand and … Australia.

Wealth, evidently, makes one find anti-Nazism suspicious and no amount of professed support for Israel and repudiation of anti-semitism changes that.


Enough of beating around the bush. These people don’t really give a shit about the innocents who died then and those who are dying now. They may invoke high-minded principles, justice, peace, truth. They may condemn autocracy and anti-semitism and Nazism in words. But they have no principles. Honesty, decency or even truth mean nothing to them. You don’t need to believe me: their own actions belie their words. This is no more than a game and their goal is to win, by hook or by crook, for victory’s sake.

If you are stupid enough to believe them, you will end up as either their accomplice or their victim. Mark my words: you’ve been warned.

Apparently, our choice is between brutal autocrats for whom human life means nothing and disgusting, repulsive, self-righteous wannabe autocrats for whom human life means nothing.

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