Friday 17 September 2021

Australia’s Back-Stabbing Diplomacy. (2)

Or how a bunch of irresponsible, ignorant, double-dealing simpletons with delusions of grandeur screwed things up big time.


Just yesterday the French ambassador made it clear that the Morrison gang had kept him in the dark about the whole submarine deal.


As I write this Jason Falinski, a rookie COALition MP and member of the less lunatic COALition faction, is on the Weekend Breakfast show, with Fauziah Ibrahim and Kirsten Aiken.

For Falinski the French are over-reacting because over there they are having a long presidential election campaign (the elections will be next year), and Emmanuel Macro and Marine Le Pen are running neck to neck. It’s just to save face, grandstanding for public consumption.

Maybe he’s right, but that’s irrelevant. That Morrison and Marise Payne (Minister for Foreign Affairs) did not take that into account remains inexcusable. Her job is to think about things like that. Isn’t that what is she being paid for?

Morrison, you and your minions are hopelessly out of your depth.


Let’s be honest and try for the briefest of moments to do something unthinkable: leave Aussie chauvinism aside. I’m sure Xi Jinping is no saint; China may be pushing her neighbours too far; with their largely unilateral trade war they certainly bullied Australia.

But, truth be told, even the most patriotic of Australians must recognise that Scotty from Marketing’s numerous gaffes paved the way to this debacle.

Let’s put another example. In Trump White House times, Morrison went all unilateralist. Trump says “America first”, Morrison parrots “Australia first”. Multilateral organisations be damned. So much so that he snubbed the 2019 UN Climate Summit in New York.

Then, China imposed tariffs on Australian exports. No longer “Australia first”, then it was all let’s take China to the WTO, a multilateral.

With the subs deal we are back to the “Australia first” rhetoric. Give us a break. The rules aren’t there for you to game them, Scotty.

Make no mistake, that’s what he’ll try to do at COP26. He will risk the future of humankind in order to get some big deal for his Australia, which is not me or those around me.



Morrison, you may be the biggest fish in our small Aussie pond, that doesn’t make a shark of you. Take pictures like that with a huge handful of salt. You are not in their same league.


My advice? It may be too late, but keep Peter “Not a Monster” Dutton away from microphones; order him not to open his mouth again. Actually, don’t let him show his grotesque mug at all. Or, better still, tell him to go home on the double and quarantine there for six months.

His “I make no apologies” thingy may have worked like a charm when he was sending some poor devils to indefinite detention for the crime of arriving to Australia by boat.

The French aren’t claiming asylum. Instead of feeling intimidated, they may feel further incensed.


19/09/2021. If you believe David E. Sanger, from NYTimes, an unamed senior US official told him that “they [the Morrison freak show] told us they would take care of dealing with the French.”

Well, that should teach Yanks a lesson. They can’t trust Morrison’s Australia. Either out of ineptitude or out of dishonesty (or both), Australia will screw up things good.


Even though Australia will welcome a much larger number of American and British warships, bombers and military units, that often carry nuclear weapons, Simon Birmingham, Minister for Finance, went to great lengths to assure the public that Australia will not violate her obligations as a party to the 1968 Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Interviewed today by Insiders’s host David Speers, Birmingham said:

“We’ve been clear, Australia’s position in relation to nuclear weapons does not change, will not change … We will meet all of our non-proliferation treaty arrangements and obligations and not be changing any of our policies in relation to the nuclear weapons technology.”

In case of war, will the Chinese believe him? Actually, do you believe him now?

Neither do I.

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